Bean Cubes vs. Bean Bags

Sitting on chairs and sofas is for the older generation. Kids, teenagers and the youth today are enjoying the trendy, hip looking bean bags and bean cubes for not just sitting purpose but also for also adding that x-factor the their personal space. Every youngster’s room today will either have a bean bag or a bean cube in it. So the question now is which of the two is better, more useful, most convenient and most popular. It’s the ultimate fight: bean cubes vs. bean bags.

Bean bags

Available in a variety of sizes, bean bags are usually filled with polystyrene beans. Bean bags are used, depending on their size, mostly for two purposes. First, the larger ones are used as a replacement for chairs. They are extremely comfortable taking the body shape of the person sitting on it. Second and the more fun use is the smaller bean bags, which are also called Hacky sacks, are used for playing games.

 Bean bags being extremely light in weight  can be easily carried from one room to another and are washable. So whether you’re using it as a chair and wish to carry it around the house or are playing with it and it gets soiled, there is absolutely no need to worry. Bean bag will take care of all your problems without any hassle. Another great advantage of bean bags is that they are available in not just many different sizes but also in different shapes and colors. They are quite affordable. In fact, when you compare their price to the cost getting a chair or sofa made, the cost of bean bags is like peanuts.

Bean Cubes

Bean cubes are cube shaped small furnishing, approximately measuring 41 x 48 centimeters, which are mostly used for either people sitting on it or for placing items over it for stacking purposes. These bean cubes provide additional seating as well as storage space without it taking much space. Like bean bags, these too are available in different colors and prints which can add to the décor and the look of the room. No sharp edges and durability, mean bean cubes are perfect for a child's bedroom. They can be used as chairs or as a toy by the children. Bean cubes being of low height are often used as foot stools. They, too, like bean bags, are not expensive and hence easy to replace.

It's a Draw

There is no clear winner. Both bean bags and bean cubes, today, are being used as a perfect accessory for the adornment of any li ving space. Both have almost similar advantages and disadvantages. However, it has been observed that bean bags are more popular with the youth while bean cubes are more attractive to young kids. I guess the decision of choosing between the two will have to be a matter of personal choice and also which ones blends in better with the current room décor. I would suggest, having both in the house and using them alternatively in different rooms. Since both can be used for multiple purposes, you would never feel having brought extra unwanted stuff.